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Why don’t men do as they are told.

We had a lovely day yesterday eating lunch at ” The Greyhound “. I had a crazy moment and offered to buy lunch, so George almost ran to the pub with delight. We consumed a little too much booze and spent the rest of the day sitting chilling out in the conservatory.
George lost a crown a couple of weeks ago and went to the dentist to have it stuck back in and over the last couple of days it has begun to ache a bit so yesterday morning I told him to phone and book an appointment with his dentist for today because we were going to be back in Hinckley, ” I will phone tomorrow” says he. He then had a night of restless sleep and pain killers so before we set off this morning I said ” Ring and book in for later today “, to which he replied ” I will phone when we get to Hinckley ” When we tied up he phoned and they can’t get him in until tomorrow. The toothache is getting worse so I have given him some codeine. His tooth is still aching but he is a bit spaced out so it is not as bad for him.
We have tied up at ” The Lime Kilns ” as it is only about twenty minutes walk from our house and George can then go by car to the dentist. I have just walked along the towpath and picked some blackberrys which I will make into a coulis, I suppose that means that I will have to make dessert to go with it…..yum.
We had the rest of the green soup for lunch so I am now about to make some orange soup for tomorrow.
Tonight I am making pork tenderloin with a pepper sauce served with new tatties, glazed carrots, roasted cabbage with sesame seeds and peas.