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Poor George

George had a really bad night because he was in lots of pain and then overnight one side of his face had swollen very badly. We went off to the dentist and he was given a shot of four days anti-biotic in one go. He was also given another seven days worth and then he has to go back and have the offending crowned tooth taken out. He is having a bit of a nap at the minute because he is so tired. I feel so sorry for him because he was really enjoying this much needed holiday. Hopefully when these drugs kick in he will start to feel a bit better.
We have moved on to Stoke Golding today and will be going into Market Bosworth Marina tomorrow. I have been sitting in the conservatory and lots of working boats have gone by on their way to the Shackerstone festival at the weekend. I hope George is feeling better by then because he was looking forward to us catching the steam train from Market Bosworth to Shackerstone to take a look at the events.