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The morning after

Last night went well. The storms finally passed and the sun came out in time for our guests, the crews from Yarwood and What a Lark! to walk to Caxton. Sue had prepared a cold buffet so we were all able to sit and talk and eat and drink and laugh and then a bit more talking and then some dessert and then more talking and a little more wine, a few more laughs, a lot more talking and then three hours had passed. It must have got dark at some point but nobody had really noticed with the time zipping by as it had done! All that remained was for the four amigos to take a sobriety test before they made their way back to their boats, this being the torchlit walk along the slender pontoon, eighty feet of it flanked on one side only by a sixty foot boat. Needless to say, they passed the test and made it to the bank.
Following a cool clear night, we were greeted by blue skies and sunshine when I awoke at six and accidentally woke Sue twenty minutes later. She demanded to know why I had woken her in the middle of the night but was pacified when I brought her a coffee a few minutes later.
We had asked David and Lisa if we could pop round and have a nose around their boat this morning so we got ready and presented ourselves for the grand tour at nine o’clock. It certainly was a grand tour and we admired the high standard of workmanship throughout the beautifully designed boat. Our tour ended in the cratch where the four of us sat and had a cuppa as we chatted for the next couple of hours. What a Lark! Is heading in the direction of the Ashby canal so we’re hoping to catch up with David and Lisa in the next week or two.
We returned to Caxton and after we had eaten lunch we had a tidy up before we headed back to the house for the rest of the day.