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Thursday, Friday and sliding gently into the weekend.

On Wednesday night we accepted an invitation by text to join Joe, Lesley, Richard and Sharon for dinner on Thursday evening. We looked forward to that although there was the small matter of getting through the day first. We dragged the kids out of bed at half past six in the morning before packing them and their belongings into the car. We reached their home in Sheffield just before nine where they were re-united with their mum, Kerry. We said our goodbyes and made our way to Meadowhall where, after a coffee, we parted company for the day. Sue was left to trudge around the giant shopping mall while I got all of the fun, attending a site meeting to the north of Wakefield some forty miles away.
I collected Sue at about half past three and we began our journey south again. The trip was fine until we were just south of Leicester and the heavens opened. The rain flooded the M1 to the extent that it was almost impossible to see more than two car lengths ahead. The noise was horrendous but fortunately everyone behaved themselves and there were no mishaps before the storm had passed over us.
We got back to Caxton and relaxed for a couple of hours before venturing up the hill to The Old Plough to meet the others for dinner. The four were already in the lounge bar when we arrived so we had a drink as we got through the introductions. There we were, the owners of three Barn Owl boats, could this be the nucleus of some owner’s club? Maybe, but we were soon informed that Richard and Sharon are going to have a new boat built and it’s not a Barn Owl! Ah well, never mind, we hope that they get what they want from the new design.
The six of us had the restaurant to ourselves for the evening, perhaps the noise we made kept everyone else away! In any case, the conversation flowed and the time flew by as we worked our way through a couple of courses each, a couple of the greedier, managing a dessert on top!
All too soon it was time to go so we left the pub and went our separate ways. Despite the fact that we were all heading for the canal, the three Barnowls were spread over a distance of about a mile.
Friday saw me spending a couple of hours at the garage with my car while they investigated excessive oil consumption before driving over to the office in Coventry. Eventually, I was able to escape and drove to the marina about five o’clock. We stopped off at Yarwood on our way to Daventry where we needed to do some grocery shopping. While we were there, our two minute stopover was extended a little as somehow Sue found a glass of wine in her hand – again! I still haven’t figured out how that happens but it seems that every time she descends those steps into the bowels of that boat, she ends up with a glass in her hand, she doesn’t seem to complain though. We caught up on the alteration work being carried out on Yarwood and we made arrangements for Saturday evening. Joe and Lesley are coming round to Caxton with David and Lisa from nb What A Lark! for a drink and something to eat. We haven’t met David and Lisa before but we follow their blog and are looking forward to a great Saturday evening.
It was quite late when we got back from Daventry so once the shopping had been put away, we flopped in the chairs for a little while before heading to bed.
We had a really lazy start to the day on Saturday, Sue made breakfast for me and then baked bread while all that I have done is catch up on the blogging.