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We’re on the move again!

It’s exactly a month since Caxton was last out on the cut and a lot has happened in the meantime. However, that’s not for publishing on this blog so I’ll get straight on to the events of the last couple of days.
We drove to Braunston as we have done most weeks this summer, sadly the summer is ebbing away now with cooler temperatures and slightly shorter days. I went to work on friday and then took the car home to Hinckley where I abandoned it on the driveway for the week. My plan was to travel to Braunston using public transport, the first part of our mission to bring Caxton to the Ashby canal. The first part of the journey involved catching the Arriva 158 bus to Nuneaton. No problem with that until the bus reached Nuneaton town centre and it became evident that the bus driver had never driven the route before and subsequently got lost with the result that I missed the train to Rugby. Sadly, I could do no more than to spend forty minutes killing time in the local Wetherspoons, The Felix Holt! An hour later than intended I boarded the train that would take me to Rugby. It was a couple of minutes late but I still made my connection with the bus to Braunston. I boarded Caxton at quarter to five where Sue had thoughtfully poured me a glass of beer. We had dinner and then settled down for the evening, our last one in Braunston marina.