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Scary moment

Hello everyone
I am Sue and today I am doing my first blog on this site.
We went over to the boat at Braunston for the weekend to clean the boat and do some other jobs that we needed to do and even though we did not clean the boat several other jobs got done.
The reason that I wanted to write on the blog today was because I had one of the scariest moments ever on the canal system today and we were not even out boating.
We got showered and dressed this morning and then about 11.45 we set off to walk along the towpath with the intention of sitting outside of the ” Admiral Nelson ” to enjoy a leisurely drink. As we sat there enjoying our drink an Alvechurch hire boat went into the lock to start their descent. As they were descending George said ” That boat is starting to list” and within seconds we realised that the boat was in trouble and looked like it was stuck on the cill. I shouted to the lock winders ” Drop the paddle now” and they looked bemused. We ran over and George took the windlass out of the man’s hand and dropped the paddle. The boat was leaning badly by now and we were afraid that the three elderly people on the front were going to fall out of the boat but because the lock was leaking badly at the back it righted itself with a massive swing and really shook up the people on board.
We were both shocked by the incident and dread to think what might have happened if we had not been sitting outside of the pub today.