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What a bargain.

imageSue here again.
We don’t often blog when we are not on the boat but we did something last night that was boat related. Our new boat Caxton is a beautiful boat and has been very well looked after by her previous owners so all we have done is changed a few bits which are just down to personal taste. The two leather reclining chairs were still comfy but were well worn and the leather had rubbed off in places, so I have been looking at new chairs on Amazon, Ebay and a lot of different furniture shops. I had not looked at all this week and then when I opened up my Ipad last night I decided to have another look on Amazon. I looked through the chairs and saw just what we wanted at nearly £800 for the two, I had wanted navy coloured leather because I thought that it would go with the blue painted walls on the boat but I could not find navy ones anywhere so I settled for a chestnut colour. Before I made the purchase of the chairs I thought that I would have another look on Ebay. I clicked on new listings of recliner chairs and someone had just listed two navy leather recliners with footstools which were said to be in excellent condition for an unbelievable buy it now price of £75 for the two. The chairs were at Stafford which is only about an hours drive from us and very close to where we collected our new boat from so I clicked on the ” Buy it now ” and off we went to pick them up. The couple who the chairs belonged to were downsizing from a large house to a retirement apartment and when we saw the chairs, we were amazed because they are top quality chairs. They are now sitting in our lounge waiting to be taken to the boat which will be done when George finishes work on Thursday.
The reason that I have put this on the blog is because I think that these bargain chairs were a reward for us because we saved the Alvechurch boat from sinking in the lock on Sunday. As the saying goes ” You reap what you sow “.