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Braunston to Flecknoe

The day started with the alarm clock going off at 6am, reminding me that I had to get up and go to work. We very often did this when we owned Phoenix III but getting up and going to work then wasn’t a great experience because of the lack of space. Today was a completely different prospect, in fact my departure wasn’t too different from any other day at home.
I did my work and then returned to Braunston where Sue had also been working hard cleaning and tidying Caxton from stem to stern and very good the boat looked too. No sooner had I boarded Caxton than the heavens opened and we had a good downpour for an hour or more. We decided to wait until after dinner before making our final plan for the day, we were hoping for enough fair weather to let us escape from the marina.
By six thirty we had eaten and the rain had stopped so we made our preparations, untied and left Braunston marina, heading towards the junction.
We turned left at the junction and boated in the direction of Napton. It was still cool and overcast but still dry as we pulled up and moored just before bridge 102 near Flecknoe. We fed a duck and her brood of ten ducklings before settling down for the evening.