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The weekend starts here!

It’s a bank holiday weekend so of course the weather is a bit mixed but we’re spending it on Caxton anyway. Despite the fact that I have to go to work on Friday, we decided to pack our stuff and drive to Braunston after dinner at home.
We arrived at the marina just after half past six and carted all of our stuff to the boat. With Caxton being much longer than Phoenix III, we have to moor in a different part of the marina and park in a different car park and as a result we have to carry our stuff much further than before. Anyway, we moved our stuff then nipped up to the village shop and then returned to the boat.
Sue put most of the bits away and re-organised the fridge using some new containers while I installed a USB charging point which utilises a spare 12 volt supply under the bench seat. My kit built bedside clock from Phoenix III got a new plug and is now in place too. All in all a productive evening!
Sue is planning a big clean up tomorrow while I am at work and when I return in the afternoon we will set off for the weekend.