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Busy doing nothing

It rained hard during the night but although noisy, it didn’t prevent us sleeping until almost 8 am. A couple of cups of coffee saw us through the next couple of hours before we got up, showered and dressed. A few boats passed by in both directions, crews suitably attired for the pouring rain. We’ve been there and done that but not today, instead we listened to the radio and had a big brunch at eleven o’clock. Afterwards we have just lazily relaxed inside the boat. I’ve set up the internet router and ordered a new antenna so hopefully next weekend our on-board high speed mobile broadband will be fully operational.
The rain stopped around three o’clock and we contemplated walking up to the pub in Flecknoe for dinner but decided against it because the menu didn’t appeal to us, probably because we were still full from our mid morning meal.
As the afternoon wore on, the weather improved but we did no more than open the hatch on the wet side and let some fresh air trickle inside.
So that was it, we have busied ourselves doing nothing, just like in the Bing Crosby film.