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Oh no, not another election!

Our fifth and final day in Abingdon coincided with the annual election for the post of “Mayor of Ock Street”. This event has taken place for centuries in the town, more details here.

While waiting for the result we took a final walk around the town and also spent a little time watching the local cricket team in action.

County Hall museum

St Nicholas church

The old Police Station.

The Old Anchor Inn.

St Helen’s church.

The cricket match.

In full swing.

We made our way to the Brewery Tap in Ock street and waited for the count to take place, once ready everyone made their way to the car park  for the announcement.

The Brewery Tap

Now after all the elections and referendums of the last few years, I’ve become conditioned to the aftermath so I wasn’t quite expecting what happened next. The result was announced by the runner up and he graciously admitted defeat, congratulating the winner and telling the assembled crowd that they had made an excellent choice.

Runner up graciously cheers the winner.

The new mayor of Ock Street

Contrast that with Clinton bleating that Trump’s win was a mistake and possibly illegal, Corbyn claiming that he had somehow won the election with less seats and fewer votes than May, Remainers thinking that the slight “leave” majority wasn’t enough so Brexit should be cancelled and Sturgeon losing the independence vote and asking for another on the “best out of three” principle.

Abingdon Morris men

The musicians set the tune

The victory parade.

The Mayoral election was, therefore, a breath of fresh air and after watching the ceremony reach completion we left the Morris men to dance on into the evening while we returned to our mooring.