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The final preparations are underway

We have entered the final phase before we begin the great escape, next week. I spent last weekend carrying out a few jobs on Caxton. An oil and filter change, fitting a new gas regulator and painting the inside of the gas locker after removing a bit of rust from it first. Sue, meanwhile has been moving stocks and equipment on board before stowing everything away.

On Friday afternoon we paid our final fees to the marina and pulled Caxton out on to the cut. We then cruised the quarter mile or so from Trinity marina to the towpath mooring closest to where we live. We still have a few bits and pieces to carry to the boat but essentially we are now living on board and we will continue to do so until we return from our travels sometime in October.

We had a peaceful night and slept well before we returned home for our morning showers. We’ll continue to shower at home until Thursday and that will conserve our water supply until we set off. The plan is to potter around and continue with our final preparations until Friday morning when we will at last be able to get going. Friday is my fifty-fifth birthday and is the day that I will finish work and retire. At that point we will join the ranks of the liveaboard early retirees and we are both very excited at that prospect.