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Hacked Off!!


The blog got hacked. Why do people do this sort of stuff? The blog is a wordpress site on a shared host and has happily ticked over unmolested for the last three years. On Easter Sunday I received an email from the hosting company informing me that dues to unusually high email traffic, the hosting account was being suspended. I was able to get access to the account temporarily and could see that there were emails being generated every few minutes. I disabled all of the wordpress plugins as they seem to be the likely culprits. This stopped the emails but there was another problem, some software was generating referrals and driving traffic to the site and very quickly I exceeded my monthly bandwidth allowance resulting in another suspension. In the end I had to remove the blog from the subdomain and create a fresh installation at and here it is. So there was no lasting damage done but it has created a lot of work to straighten everything out. There has been no loss for me and I can’t see what the hackers have to gain, maybe I am just missing the point. Anyway, if you had previously bookmarked our blog, you might want to adjust it slightly replacing “caxton” with “www”