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Change Of Marina.

We have been moored at Bosworth Marina for about a year now but we moved the boat to Hinckley’s Trinity Marina the weekend  before we started our holiday. Market Bosworth is a beautiful marina and we have really enjoyed our time there but we wanted to move the boat to Hinckley because the marina is just across the road from the apartment that we have recently bought and moved into. Caxton was used as a live aboard by both of the previous owners and was always kept clean and very well looked after but because we only have weekends and holidays on the boat, we don’t really want to spend the time cleaning and polishing but the move to Hinckley will mean that I can go and clean the boat while George is at work. I can also get the boat set up each Friday morning, ready to go out for the weekends. Another reason that we wanted the boat across the road from where we live is that we can sleep on the boat when children and grandchildren come to visit and they can sleep at the apartment.