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Barton under Needwood

There was no problem in getting a short term mooring in Barton Turns marina so after paying the fee and filling with diesel, we tied up just outside the Waterfront pub restaurant. After exploring the various shops along the edge of the marina, we decided to have dinner at the Thai restaurant, Nipa. The food, the service and surroundings were excellent – a real treat!

The view from our Barton marina mooring.

On Saturday, we took a walk into the village and had a look around, another lovely place with a few shops and a disproportionately large number of pubs. The locals must have loved it when the marina development took place and introduced four more places to eat, a few more shops and even a cinema.

Barton village fish pond.

Sunday was a day when we didn’t venture far, we took advantage of the cloud cover in the morning and did some cleaning while it was relatively cool. Caxton now has one fairly shiny side and one extremely shiny side.

It was already very hot on Monday morning when we caught the bus into Burton upon Trent at half past nine. We had a walk around the town centre and then found our way to the riverside before feeding ourselves in the Market Hall. which dates back to 1883.

Burton Market Hall.

Andresey Bridge – built in 1884.


St Modwen’s church taken from Andresey bridge.

We returned to Barton by bus in the early afternoon, did a little bit of shopping in the Co-op and then walked back to the marina. It was extremely hot so we just took shelter in the shade of the front deck, doing very little for the rest of the day.