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Winter is officially over!

We had a lazy start today, the sun was shining but it was still cool when we awoke. Being in no hurry, we had a couple of cups of coffee before we dragged ourselves out of bed.
It was still windy when we left our mooring but with no turning round to do, we were untroubled by it. Sue prepared dinner in the slow cooker as we made our way to Calcutt locks on what was turning out to be the first glorious day of the year. We were up and through the locks in no time at all, the first being our way and the other two needing to be emptied suggesting that we were following someone on the way up. By the time we left the top lock, it was warm enough to strip down to short sleeves, hard to believe how dull and cold we had been just twenty four hours earlier.
We had a pleasant journey back to Braunston and decided that we would make the most of the weekend by staying overnight and return home in the morning. After a short stop to take on water and empty the cassette we nudged our way into our berth in the marina. Our plan is now to have a walk before returning for our sunday dinner, a beef hotpot which is already smelling delicious. We have to get out of here before the aroma forces us to abandon the walk !!!