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Heading south again

We’ve decided to take PhoenixIII back to Braunston this weekend. The forecast for next week is somewhat unsettled and that casts a doubt over whether she will be blacked and back in the water for next weekend. Rather than face uncertainty, we will just have to put the hull blacking off until another time. After dropping the car off at Braunston marina we drove back to Hinckley where we settled our mooring fees and filled the tank with diesel. Shortly after five, we started our journey towards Marston junction and the Coventry canal. With darkness due around eight, we planned to find a mooring before the turn. Stopping briefly before bridge thirteen, we dropped a bag of tomatoes fresh from the greenhouse off with our old mate Jim. We met a couple of Ashby boats heading back to base as well as a pair of working boats heading for the festival at Shackerstone. At half past six we found our mooring just beyond bridge four and the West coast main line. There was just time for dinner on the back deck before the sun went down and we retired to the lounge for the evening.