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walton on thames

Walton on Thames

After our two days spent in Laleham we decided to move a bit further downstream, so we were up and about reasonably early again. We did think that we might get tied up somewhere around Shepperton or Walton on Thames but unfortunately we couldn’t find anywhere suitable to moor. We drifted on and just as we were thinking that Sunbury on Thames might be the place, we spied a 24 hour mooring near the Weir. The Weir being a small hotel situated opposite, funnily enough, a weir. We soon got Caxton secured to the bank and walked back the mile and a bit back into Walton on Thames. Walton was alright, a modern town centre with all of the usual shops. Nothing fantastic but alright. After a short trip around Sainsbury’s, we walked back along the Thames path and returned to our mooring. The pub garden was quite busy but the advantage of being directly outside meant being able to buy a drink and then enjoy it on the front deck sitting on a comfortable seat!