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Upton upon Severn (Part 1)

As I mentioned in the previous post, we caught the bus and visited Upton upon Severn on a mission with two purposes. We knew that mooring there is limited and we didn’t really know the location very well having only passed by once before in 2015. Our main aim was to familiarise ourselves with the place and its potential mooring spots with the spin off benefit being that if we couldn’t get in by boat or we saw enough of it on the bus trip visit, we could pass by and not feel that we were missing out.

The first part of the trip didn’t quite go to plan, the two-hourly bus service was late. With other potential passengers, we had arrived ten minutes before the timetabled departure. After half an hour and with the bus twenty minutes late, we gave up and went for a coffee. Undeterred, we returned to the bus stop two hours later and caught the bus which this time, was only five minutes late.

Our perseverance paid off because when we arrived at Upton, we discovered that there was a four day Jazz festival on and it didn’t finish until Sunday night. It was too early for us to hear any live music but the town was busy, many of the shops had taken part in a festival related window dressing competition and there was one road dedicated to street food catering. With the place buzzing on the sunny Saturday afternoon, it made us determined to return and see it at a quieter time and that was why we decided to delay our departure from Tewkesbury by a day.

At that point in time we were still undecided as to whether we would be heading south on the Severn and if we did, it wouldn’t matter when we left Tewkesbury but if not, arriving on the final day of the Jazz festival probably wouldn’t help us find a mooring easily.

Not forgetting the rest of our mission, we stuck to our task and had a good look around as well as checking out the moorings before catching the bus back to Tewkesbury.

Upton riverside moorings.