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Corallejo Carnival

As I write this, it is almost a week since the carnival ended with a firework display and a ceremony where a giant sardine was paraded through the town and then burned on the beach.

The Sardine making its final journey.

With the sardine being accompanied on its final journey with a steady beating of drums, it was all reminiscent of the fateful scene in the film,  The Wicker Man. In the week leading up to the fiery finale there were various events to find the carnival queens; senior, junior and drag. Last Saturday, the penultimate evening before the sardine got sizzled, was the highlight of the week with the big parade taking place down the main street. There was a retro theme for this year’s carnival and as the sun started to set, the locals started to assemble, dressed as they were in all sorts of imaginative costumes. The photos below hopefully give some idea of how entertaining the evening was.