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Forgive me reader for I have sinned…

it has been three months since my last blog posting. 

It’s hard to believe that I haven’t written anything since early April but we’ve been busy with other matters. That’s not to say that we’ve done no boating, we have been up and down the Ashby a number of times, often with visitors and we’ve even been to Nuneaton! 

With the exception of the trip to Nuneaton where we rose out of the water (a little) as we passed over a submerged wheelie bin and later got stuck in the Wash Lane winding hole (many thanks to the Hargreaves Trust narrowboat for rescuing us), the trips were happily uneventful.

We do have an excuse for our lack of boating trips and subsequent posts as we have been in the process of downsizing and moving house. I’ll write another post on this at a later date.

As for this weekend, we left Market Bosworth on Friday afternoon and made our way to Shackerstone where we moored for the night. An electrical storm had been forecast and we weren’t disappointed; at 2am we awoke to the sound of torrential rain beating down on Caxton’s roof. Loud claps of thunder followed and the interior was illuminated by the sheet lightening that accompanied the booming noise.

Saturday morning showed few signs of the overnight storm so after a late start, we made our way north and moored at Snarestone or more precisely, at the end of the current navigation. It was windy but sunny so we just sat on the front deck and relaxed for the afternoon.