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My head is an alarm clock

I was awakened on Friday morning by a slap on the head from my beloved hubby so either I had annoyed him very much or he thought that he was back at the house. When we sleep on the boat we sleep on the opposite sides of the bed to what we do at the house and I was sleeping with my head where his alarm clock usually is so when it went off on Friday morning he thought that he was back at the house…..or so he said. The slap on the head must have been good for me though because I got up at 6.45 after George had left for work, had my shower and walked up the hill to town by 9 o’clock. I caught the bus to the Woodlands nursery which is about three miles away, and did some shopping there. It has a variety of shops including Cotton Traders, Lakeland, Edinburgh Woollen Mill, Hotter shoes and many others. There is also a superb butchers shop. The bus from Market Bosworth is only £3 for a return ticket so it is well worth a visit. When I arrived back at the boat I did some cleaning and made dinner of parmesan and pesto covered chicken breast with vegetable rice which George declared was delicious so maybe I won’t get a smack on the head tomorrow morning.
As long as he doesn’t try to put my head back an hour on Sunday morning I will be ok.