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Midweek boating

Two of my grandchildren are stopping with us for a few days. They are growing up now and it might not be much longer before fourteen year old Liam just wants to be with his friends all of the time so I am making the most of it. When we were at home yesterday I taught eleven year old Chloe how to make bread and she is so enthusiastic about everything that she really is a pleasure to teach.
Yesterday afternoon, the four of us came over to stop on the boat for a couple of days. Today George has gone off to work today but he is finishing a bit earlier and we are taking Caxton out for a few hours to let my grandchildren do a bit of fishing out on the canal.
At lunchtime I took them both to The Admiral Nelson for lunch and when we arrived at midday we were the first to order. The food is very good but we had to wait 50 minutes which I felt was a long time considering that we were the first to order. I know that the food is cooked to order but 50 minutes for two lots of chips, one garlic bread, one burger and a cold ham meal is stretching it a bit.
We are now sitting in the cratch enjoying the glorious sunshine waiting for George to arrive home.