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Busy Weekend.

We came over to the boat on Thursday afternoon this week and George went off to work Friday morning while I pottered about. I got up and had my shower before I headed off up to the village to visit my friend Jane for a ” Ladies wot lunch ” ( and ladies wot drink wine of course ). For those who know Braunston, Jane lives in the house with the ” Hovis ” sign, which used to be a bakery funnily enough. We had a good old natter and then Jane waved me off and I went back to the boat. I had made our dinner in the morning and it was cooking in the slow cooker while we were away. George and I decided not to venture out of the marina this weekend, so we sat out in the conservatory aka: the cratch, until 9..30 enjoying each other’s company and chatting about our day.
On Saturday we went and did some shopping in the morning and then George did a couple of jobs on the boat. He fixed a dripping tap and changed the water filter cartridge and he also fixed my new sign on the bedroom wall.

You Had me at Hello

I bought the sign because when we first went to see Caxton I fell instantly in love with her and as soon as Paul and Elaine said ” Hello”, I wanted to say, “I want your boat “.

When George had finished in the kitchen I did some baking. I make bread by hand when we are on the boat and today I also made a lemon drizzle cake..Mmmmm.. Yummy.

Lemon Drizzle Cake

If you ever fancy making a loaf by hand I have a secret ingredient for you.. coffee whitener. I always add a tablespoon to any loaf that I make and it is always delicious..or it could be that I am just a bloody brilliant cook.
It is now 7.25 in the evening and we are sitting in our lovely cratch enjoying a drink together in the sunshine.