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So what is the meaning of contentment…….We have stayed in Braunston this weekend because it has been the weekend of the ” Braunston Historic Narrowboat Rally” and I think that this has been pretty close to my idea of contentment. Friday night George received a message off Mike which said ” I am in the beer tent and I owe you a pint”. George knows Mike through work but I had never met his wife Jane, who turned out to be great company, so Friday night was great fun. Saturday there was a lot of rain so we hung around the boat but Sunday was a different kettle of fish altogether. I was cooking breakfast and there was a knock on the boat. It turned out to be Lesley and Joe who were the people who commissioned and designed “Caxton”. I love our boat so I really admire Lesley and Joe and it was lovely to meet them.
Sunday was hot and sunny so we met up with Mike and Jane again and enjoyed sunshine, wine and great company while sitting outside the beer tent. It is now 7.30 and we are now sitting in the conservatory..aka cratch, enjoying the sunshine while drinking wine and beer….