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Off we go again!

We haven’t been out on Phoenix III since last August for a whole host of reasons but with the first weekend of decent weather forecast, we decided that we had to embark on our first voyage of 2014.
I drove to Braunston from Basingstoke while Sue made her way to the boat from Hinckley, we arrived within a few minutes of each other, either side of 3.30.
After a hurried shuffling of stuff from car to boat followed by all of the essential checks and re-tying of mooring ropes, we slipped out of our mooring and let the wind turn us towards the southerly marina entrance where we exited on to the Grand Union and turned left.
Our cruise only lasted 10 minutes before we tied up as planned, right outside The Boathouse pub. We took a few minutes sorting ourselves out before disappearing into the pub for our evening meal. I’m writing this in the pub using their free wifi and enjoying a post-dinner pint of Amstel.