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Another windy day

We awoke at around eight and thought that we should get up. We set off and turned at Birdingbury Wharf and then tied up before having breakfast opposite the Boat Inn. After breakfast we made our way back to Calcutt where we met up with narrowboat ‘Beast’ and ascended the locks with them. We parted company with them at the top lock knowing that they would be turning right at the junction whilst we would be turning left towards Braunston.

It was still chilly as we made our way along the canal towards Braunston but bearable nonetheless. The oncoming traffic made it interesting enough but we hit a snag as soon as we got into the marina. After filling the diesel tank, emptying the toilet and the bin bag we attempted our entry into our berth but it didn’t work out for us so we ended up mooring up outside the marina.

As a result we walked up to the Admiral Nelson where we had a couple of drinks before we ended up walking through the village and down to the ‘Boathouse’ where we had our evening meal.

Afterwards, we walked back to where we had left Phoenix III and from there we battled our way into our berth in the marina.

Although we hadn’t planned to stay another night on board, it was no big deal to do so. We topped up the water, lit the fire and switched on the heating before settling down for the evening.