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Glorious Sunshine !!!

I’m not really sure why I sleep better on board phoenix III than I do on dry land, perhaps it is the fact that I don’t have to get up for work, maybe it’s because the movement of the boat creates a more comfortable environment in which to slumber. Whatever the reason, I slipped into the arms of Morpheus at 9.30 last night and didn’t escape his clutches until 8.30 this morning.

As forecast, it was sunny. It wasn’t warm at 8.30 but it was definitely sunny. Clear blue skies with the odd white cloud provided the perfect backdrop for the next leg of our journey. After drinking a cup of coffee we sorted ourselves out and were on our way by quarter to ten. We were not alone and had to wait as four boats passed us before we could finally untie and head in the direction of Napton. We met quite a few fellow travellers before we reached Wigram’s where we turned and made our way towards the three locks at Calcutt. The steady stream of boaters ascending the locks made our passage down very easy and in no time at all we were through and away again. I made use of the hot water that we had generated and had a shower as we cruised along so that by the time we stopped at the Boat Inn near Birdingbury Wharf we were able to tie up, lock up and walk to Long Itchington.

Our plan all along had been to have lunch at the Buck and Bell and we were not disappointed. We sat outside in the sunshine sharing a bottle of wine and enjoying the cuisine that this wonderful village pub has to offer, no wonder then that it has won a Les Routiers award for the last three years.

After a leisurely repast we made our way back to our mooring using the road to the Blue Lias bridge rather than the towpath for a change. Once back on board we relaxed and enjoyed the gentle warmth of the sun on this mid-April afternoon.