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Lunch at the Buck & Bell

We were awake early, before the sun was up but we had our customary tea and then coffee before we finally got out of bed and got dressed. It was nine o’clock exactly when we set off towards Wigrams turn which we reached forty five minutes later. A few minutes later and we were at the first of the Calcutt locks. We dropped through the first one and then waited for two boats to ascend the middle lock before we made our way down and after we crossed over with a single boat we were down and through the bottom lock. It was half past eleven when we finally tied up above the Boat Inn at Stockton, a place that we have stopped on many occasions before.

We walked down to Long Itchington and had a drink in The Duck on the Pond before moving on to the Buck and Bell where we had an excellent lunch.

After walking back up the towpath we just relaxed in the sunshine for a few hours before retiring to the cabin of Phoenix III for the evening.