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Muddy Waters comes to Braunston!

Sunday wasn’t as bright and sunny as either Friday or Saturday but it was still dry although with the strong wind it was decidedly chilly as we started our journey back from Napton. We untied just after nine o’clock and then chugged past the long line of boats which were moored either side of the winding hole. There didn’t seem to be as much traffic on the move by comparison to Saturday but there was still enough to keep things interesting. As we approached Braunston turn we saw nb ‘Muddy Waters’ and took some pictures.

Once through one of the iron bridges we soon reached the bend from where we could see that the mooring outside the Boathouse pub was almost entirely empty so we pulled up and had lunch there. It was all over by half past twelve so we made our way back to the marina and were just tying off the stern when the rain started, our timing had been almost perfect!