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Back to Braunston again

It was raining when we awoke on Sunday morning, not particularly heavy rain but the sort of constant drizzle that soaks to the skin. We decided to have breakfast and wait for the rain to stop which it did at twenty past ten. We untied and headed for the bottom lock, passing a Rose narrowboat whose crew had decided to tie up and observe the lock before attempting it themselves. We didn’t take too long to ascend the flight despite there being quite a few boats working in both directions and there only being one set of locks open. The sun was poking through the clouds by the time we had cleared the flight and from thereon in we enjoyed a nice relaxing cruise back to Braunston. We stopped at Midland Chandlers to pick up a few bits and pieces before making our way back to the marina where we tied Phoenix III up where she belongs. We spent an hour or so carrying out a few jobs before we locked up and headed back to the car. The weekend had been both pleasant and successful and we started looking forward to our next outing as we drove home.