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The Narrowboat Game

When we bought our narrowboat we inherited all manner of items left behind by previous owners. One of those items is a board game called “The Narrowboat Game”. We played the game and it is enjoyable without being too demanding. Subsequent internet searches yielded no clues about the background to the game. The only clues are in the box, The rule book has some credits on the back stating that the original concept was by Sue Harvey while Roy Harvey designed and produced it, the copyright is theirs, dated 1994. There is a leaflet in the box too which states:


“The Exciting Boating Game for all the family.


Captain your own narrowboat around the canal system. There are locks to negotiate, a tunnel to go through, an aqueduct to cross, as well as hazard squares and detour squares to avoid. Breakdown vans are called to repair your boat in the event of a mishap. Climb aboard and select your one or two week narrowboating holiday and Good Luck!


This family boating board game is for children of all ages. However the game contains small playing pieces and is unsuitable for small children. We recommend the playing age is from 7 upwards.


Distributed on the Inland Waterways by LOCKMASTER CRAFTS”