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Weekend trip to Shenton

We were unsure as to whether we would be able to venture out today but in the event, we headed out around four o’clock. It was quite windy but we made it out on the Ashby and turned in a northerly direction.

We had an uneventful trip up to bridge 35 where we tied up under the conker trees and spent a peaceful night aboard Phoenix III

Saturday 15th May

The sun rose and we could hear the boat expanding in the heat before we got out of bed on Saturday morning. We travelled the hour’s trip to Market Bosworth and then walked up to the town. A quick walk around preceded an hour with the papers in the garden of the Red Lion. We then returned to the boat before setting off for the Battlefield Moorings. After tying up, we walked to Shenton where we had a pot of tea before returning to the boat where we had a sandwich before we set off again.

We eventually settled on the south side of bridge 22 and with only 45 minutes to travel back to the marina we were ready to make our last return before our next holiday.