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Coventry & Ashby meanderings

Friday 10th July

Another summer weekend with no particular plan in mind so off we went, this time heading north on the Ashby. The beauty of this time of year is the length of the days and after passing through the already full moorings at Market Bosworth we tied up twenty minutes later near the winding hole, half way to Congerstone.

Saturday 11th July

A cloudy start didn’t deter us, even though we had no idea what we were going to do for the day. We decided to turn around and try our luck at Market Bosworth, we were unsuccessful so we carried on. We toyed with the Battlefield but decided it was too early, we could have stopped at the Limekilns but chose to carry on. By the time we had reached Burton Hastings we had decided to make for Hawksbury junction, a destination that is very popular and we knew that we might not make a mooring. We were lucky and as we pulled up, so did three other boats, effectively filling the available space in minutes. A walk to the greyhound and we had a surprise re-union with our old friend, The Cheeseboat. Three cheeses, a couple of drinks and twenty quid later and we were heading back for the Phoenix. The predicted rain didn’t start until after half past seven and then it was on for the night.

Sunday 12th July

Blue skies greeted us on Sunday morning as we sorted ourselves out and got on our way. We made the short trip to the junction, already quite busy despite the early hour, turned around and headed off to Nuneaton. We had enjoyed our previous visit to the town the week before and thought that we’d give it another go. The trip from Hawksbury is only a couple of hours so we were moored just after eleven o’clock. We had stopped on the southern side of town, near the boatyard so our route to the centre was different to the previous week, this time through streets of terraced houses. A wander around, a coffee at Costa before browsing in Waterstones and then a dash through Sainsburys and Riversley park before returning to the boat. The weather was bright and breezy as we weaved our way back to Hinckley and once again we were surprised at how much we had managed to do in what seemed like a short space of time.